Information on GASD

Global Alliance for Sustainable Development (GASD) is a voluntary non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization established on 12th January 2010, registered under the Society under the Act, 1860 and Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 to promote, implement and facilitate Sustainable Development Intervention projects and programs in the area of socio-economic-environmental development primarily in Maharashtra, India and globally all over the different states and continents of the world. The organization was founded by thirteen members, having different academic background and wide range of experiences. The Trust members are young dynamic development and social work professionals.

Genesis of GASD

In July 2009 some of the GASD founder members congregated with common goal of formally initiating development intervention towards sustainability. GASD’s young founder members hailed from varied Socio-economic & academic backgrounds, experiences and expertise. After several rounds of deliberations, a common minimum understanding was understood by GASD’s founder members that a nonprofit organization was to establish through which huge knowledge bank of its members can be channelized for Sustainable development of mother earth. Keeping this spirit and zeal in mind, thus emerged GASD as a formal entity on January 12th 2010 to cater to the needs of rural & urban poor. The founder members of the organization are Mr. Sanjay Raut, Social Development Professional, Mr. Umakant Jadhav, Academician & educationist, Mrs. Ashwini Jog, Gender Specialist, Mr. Nandu Lakhe, Micro finance specialist, Mr. Vijay Harne, Engineer, Dr. Mandar Mainkar, Social Scientist, Mr. Bhushan Dere, Information Technology Professional.

Purpose of GASD

Our Vision is to nurture sustainable development, health, education, peace, justice, equity, poverty alleviation, and greater social cohesion within the communities that we serve.

Mission: To promote sustainable development, ensure promotive, preventive and curative health services for rural and urban poor in India and ensure access to education for all.

Values we cherish

  • Transparency at work, with professionalism
  • Democratic and collective way of decision making and administration
  • Accountability to donors, beneficiaries and state
  • Social equity and justice to all
  • Mutual respect to all and each other
  • Integrity in thought, action and words