GASD’s Programs/ Projects presently being Implemented

 Sr. No.  Program / Project  Location  Funding Agency  Project Duration/ No. of years completed  Total project cost  Achievement as on
31st March 2016
 1 Promotion of 100 SHGs 33 villages of Nagbhid & Bramhapuri block of Chandrapur district.  Trust Fund  2009-2012  2.00 Lakh Promoted 106 SHGs and 41 SHGs are credit linked amounting Rs. 8.79 lakhs .1363 families have been covered.  
 2 Educational enhancement project - Project Eklavya 6 villages of Bramhapuri block of Chandrapur district.  GASD’s trust fund and individual donors.  2010-2015  9.45 Lakh 382 students have been covered. 98 students passed in scholarship exam, 3 students stood merit in JNV entrance test and got admission in JNV. 
 3 Promotion and credit linkage of 200 SHGs Pombhurna and Gondpipari block of Chandrapur district.  NABARD, Pune.  2011-2014  9.00 Lakh 214 SHGs are saving linked and 165 SHGs are credit linked amounting Rs. 152.25 lakhs. 2421 families have been covered. 
 4 Compile of ‘ Govt. Schemes’ on Women & Child Development. --  Save the Children.  2010-11  0.36 Lakh Compiled document in Marathi language entitled ‘Gaon patli varil karyakartyansathi Shashkiya Yojananchi Pustika’. 
 5 Promotion, credit linkage and livelihood development of 400 WSHGs under the scheme for LWE/ Backward district*.  Gondpipri and Pombhurna block of Chandrapur district.  GoI & NABARD, Pune.  2012-2015  40.00 Lakh 233 SHGs have been promoted and 108 SHGs are credit linked. amounting Rs. 84.96 lakhs . 2479 families have been covered. 
 6 Promotion and credit linkage of 250 SHGs*.  Arang block of Raipur district, CG state.  NABARD, Raipur.  2013- 2016  17.50 Lakh 125 SHGs have been promoted & 4 SHGs and linked with bank credit. 
 7 Promotion of Farmer’s club.  Gonpipri and Pombhurna block of Chandrapur district.  NABARD, Pune.  2013-2016  10.80 Lakh 30 Farmer’s clubs have been established in 30 villages. 30 FC’s inauguration & BLOTP could be completed. 467 Credit Card & issued by Banks, Crop Loan Rs. 116.75 lakhs availed through KCC. 
 8 CSR project on Agriculture Development through of Rain Water harvesting and Dissemination of Technology for Increasing Productivity of Main crops and Promotion of Vegetable cultivation.  Yerur and Sonegaon village in MIDC Tadali area, Chandrapur.  Dhariwal Infrastructure Limited, Tadali unit, Chandrapur.  2013- 2015  29.96 Lakh Activities such as PRA, land survey, selection of beneficiary farmers, establishment of Farmers club, Training and exposure visit of beneficiary farmers, OFD on vegetable cultivation, preparation of vermi compost and bio-pesticides, etc could have been completed. 
 9 Evaluation of RKVY in the state of Maharashtra.  Chandrapur Wardha Gadchiroli.  NABARD Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai.  2014 –2015  2.25 Lakh Conducting 2063 sample survey of on different 14 schemes under RKVY in three districts. 
 10 Promotion of System of Turmeric Intensification (STI) – An Innovative method of Turmeric cultivation.  10 villages of Chimur block of Chandrapur District.  NABARD, Pune.  2014 –2016  9.99 lakh Development of 10 Model Demo Plots, On Farm Demo(OFD) of STI Method in 10 Villages, The average yield among 100 farmers was 8.4 tons per acre which is double than the traditional method of cultivation. 
 11 Promotion of Farmers producer Organization*.  4 Blocks of Chandrapur District.  NABARD, Pune  2015 -2018  36.24 Lakh Promotion of FPOs under process, conducted awareness camping for promotion & nurturing of FPOs. 
 12 Skilled Development Training on Milk dairy preservation, making of disposal paper plates for members of SHGs. Gondpipari & Pombhrana Block of Chandrapur Dist.  NABARD, Pune  2014-2015  1.74 Lakh 172 participated . 
 13 Skilled Development Training on Milk dairy preservation , vermin compost & organic pesticides , Sheep/Goat farming for members of SHGs. Gondpipari & Pombhrana Block of Chandrapur Dist.  NABARD, Pune  2015-2016  1.79 Lakh 188 participated from 89 SHGs. 
 14 Financial Literacy Awareness program. Nagbhid & Bramhpuri Block of Chandrapur Dist.  NABARD, Pune  2015-2016  -- Organized 3 programs,42 Rupay Debit Card issued to Account Holders by Bank. 186 participants covered from SHGs /Farmers. 
 15 SHG linkage with NABFINS. Bramhpuri & Nagbhid Block.  NABFINS  2015-2016  -- 18 women SHGs credit linked amounting Rs. 41.75 lakhs.